Allen Coulter has been working on a biopic of George Reeves, the barrel-chested original Superman, for Back Lot Pictures and distributor Focus Features for a while now; shooting is done, and the project is thought to be either locked or virtually completed. The film's tentative title is Truth, Justice, and the American Way - which, since it's the motto of the character that made Reeves famous, seems fairly appropriate. As the studio behind the Superman movies, however, Warner Brothers, didn't agree, and threatened to sue Focus if they didn't change the title. So, as pretty much anyone would when faced with the iron fist of Warners' legal department, Focus caved, and the movie is now back to its original, just-as-catchy title: Untitled George Reeves Project.

The movie, which I don't remember hearing anything about until right now, is packed with stars: Ben Affleck (who looks only slightly more like the man than I do) plays Reeves, and among his costars are Adrien Brody, Diane Lane, and Bob Hoskins.
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