As part of our continuing series of weekend posts about people who take fandom just a little too far (in a good way, of course - see the knittedzombies and the hobbit house for stellar examples), I present to you Danny Choo. A Brit living in Japan who recently left a long-term job at, Danny has moved on to bigger and better things - namely roaming the streets of Tokyo in full Stormtrooper body amour. And, happily for those of us far away from Japan, he documents his exploits on video and film.

The best thing about Danny's writeups is that they're written in second person, as if he's giving advice to others who want to follow in his footsteps. For example, "Don't lean to[o] far as your helmet may fall off." I mean, as if there are people all over the world who have Stormtrooper armor sitting around and are just waiting for some direction on how to go about wearing it in public. Even if you're not one of those lucky souls, go check out the site. It's loaded with wonderful pictures and anecdotes - after all, seeing a Stormtrooper riding the subway just never gets old.

[via BoingBoing]
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