Strangers with Candy was snatched from the airwaves just as its small clan of devoted followers was starting to grow in ranks. Snapping up stars like Winona Ryder and Paul Rudd to appear in the series finale was but one example of how popular this goofy little show about a 40-year-old high school freshman was becoming, but like a lot of the best shows out there, enough people weren't watching for the network to keep it on the air. Nevertheless, the Strangers with Candy movie will be coming to theaters this June, or so Amy Sedaris tells Paul Dinello, who played the art teacher Mr. Jellineck on the show, will be directing. David Letterman and his barely-contained crush on Amy Sedaris will serve as executive producer. Celeb cameos, at least according to IMDb, will include Matthew Broderick, Philp Seymour Hoffman, and Ian Holm, among several others. I assume this will be a limited release, as these films with a built-in audience tend to be, so I'll be setting out with the rest of the fanatics with my pith helmet and bullwhip to track this one down come June.

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