With some films, you can give someone an idea of what it's like by describing it in relation to other films - "It's kind of like Back to the Future meets Reservoir Dogs, with a dash of Forty Shades of Blue (and wouldn't that be the most bizarre film ever?)".Forgiving the Franklins, the first feature film by writer/director Jay Floyd, though, utterly defies that kind of shoeboxing. The film tells the tale of the Franklins, a Southern fundamentalist Christian family with a handsome son who plays football, and a perfect cheerleader daughter.

They eat meals together; they say grace together; they go to church together. Betty and Frank, the parents of the family unit, have perfectly respectable, completely dispassionate sex together. Son Brian agonizes over whether he'll be playing football on Friday night; daughter Caroline, a lovely girl, is convinced she's fat, ugly and stupid, and is certain she's a disappointment to God.