Rose Byrne and Thandie Newton just won't do - and the problem is their hair color. This, at least, is the latest word from the breathless tabloid search for Casino Royale's Vesper Lynd. See, the villain's woman (to be played by Caterina Murino), has dark hair, and contrast between the ladies is a must. (And apparently the film's budget is so low that hair dye is not an option.) According to the most recent rumors, the new It Girl is Lana Antonova, a Russian actress best known for, well, nothing. She does, however, appear in the forthcoming The World's Fastest Indian (as "Sexy Woman in Pink" - keep your eyes peeled), if you want to confirm that her hair is in fact blonde.

If nothing else, her name is tantalizing close to the old school, dirty names that used to be assigned to Bond girls - remember Xenia Onatopp?
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