The Goyas, Spain's version of the Oscars (I've always wondered - do other countries call the Oscars "The American version of______"? I certainly hope so.) were handed out last night, and though no one film dominated the proceedings, an English-language work left with four awards, including best picture and best director. The film, The Secret Life of Words, stars Tim Robbins and Sarah Polley (her second collaboration with director Isabel Coixet), and recently had its American premiere at Sundance. In it, Polley plays a quiet, shy nurse who travels to an oil rig while on "vacation" to care for Robbins' character who is recovering from severe burns. Corneal damage leaves him temporarily blind; as a result the movie is uncommonly concerned with the words that pass between him and Polley's character (hence its title). The film has been well-review by the few people writing in English who have seen it; one hopes this recognition will help it gain an audience in the US when it goes into (very, very) limited release this spring.