According to Variety, Fox isn't the only one playing around with catchy release dates (See: The Omen 666), as it appears New Line is gearing up yet another Friday the 13th film. And why don't we take a wild guess as to when it's coming out. Yep, Jason is coming back for a 12th time (I like to consider him a part of the first one) and he'll attack theaters on Friday, October 13th. As Bloody-Disgusting points out, there should really only be one standard release date for a film called Friday the 13th. I mean, c'mon.

As far as plot goes, it appears they will be revisiting Jason's origins. I'm not sure if that means we'll be going back in time for this one or maybe it will take place in the present, using flashbacks to recall the past. Either way, I'm glad, because these kinds of stories are always the most interesting in the beginning.

Should this "back where it all began" approach work for hockey mask man, look for friends Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger to follow. Too bad Myers got locked up so young, because I'd love to see a Halloween: The Teenage Years. I imagine the tagline would read: Who knew puberty could be so deadly.

[via AICN]

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