McG, the man who gave the world not one but two babelicious Charlie's Angels movies, hasn't directed a damn thing since Full Throttle came out three years ago (though he is producing the Revenge of the Nerds remake - great call there). Apparently all he was holding out for was a movie about college football, so now that Warner Brother's has offered him one, he's ready to go. The film, which doesn't yet have a title, will be based on the true story of a disaster that befell Marshall's football team in the 1970s, when a plane crash took the lives of most of its players and coaches. Jeez. Just from that summary alone, I'm going to assume that boobs are going to be in much shorter supply here than in its director's other films.

The film will star Matthew McConaughey (who also likes his football movies) as Jack Lengyel, a coach who survived the crash and, with a small group of players, works to rebuild the team.
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