While many people are still recuperating from Sundance, I'm getting excited about the SXSW film festival even if it is six weeks away. When you have a big film festival practically in your backyard, you can't help but look forward to it. The festival has just announced more of its scheduled features, many of which are world premieres. The premieres include Al Franken: God Spoke, the title of which should be self-explanatory; The Life of Reilly, about Charles Nelson Reilly's one-man show; Fired!, a documentary about employment based on an upcoming book by actress Annabelle Gurwitch; Heavens Fall, based on a real-life 1930s trial, with a cast that includes David Strathairn and Timothy Hutton; and The Oh in Ohio, which reminds me of the days when all good indie-rich festivals included at least one Parker Posey movie.

The best-known and most likely to be popular title on this list isn't a world premiere, though, and it already played in Austin to a select crowd at the Butt-Numb-A-Thon last year: V for Vendetta. The full line-up of SXSW feature films will be available next week on the film festival page.

[via Matt Dentler]