Getting the jump on the Oscars by about 24 hours, the Razzie nominations were announced this morning at a lavish ceremony featuring multiple Hollywood stars and live media coverage via a press release and a website update. Leading the pack of those with multiple nods for their less-than-stellar work this year was Tom Cruise, who is in the running for both worst actor (for hanging out with Dakota Fanning in War of the Worlds) and - twice - in a new, highly competitive category, Most Tiresome Tabloid Targets. Also recognized three times are Jenny McCarthy (turns out Roger Ebert wasn't the only one who really, really hatedDirty Love) and Jessica Simpson, who's not only a tabloid annoyance but also  - just maybe, the year's worst supporting actress.

The best thing about the Razzies (which, naturally, will be handed out the day before the Oscars) is that we, the huddle masses, get to decide who wins! All it takes is $15 to become a voting-only member of the The Golden Raspberry Award Foundation - and, really, isn't that a small price to pay to hate on Tom Cruise in an official capacity? Love Tom? Well, what about Jenny McCarthy? See? It's pretty damn tempting.
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