Perhaps you Spider-Man fans can make some sense out of this gallery of new pictures from the Spider-Man 3 set, because they just confuse me. Mary Jane, standing at the top of a grand staircase, in front of a backdrop of stars? What the hell is going on? Does Spidey have a lair near Superman's big ice house that I somehow didn't know about?  Is it a dream? Since we don't know much about the plot of the upcoming movie, it's almost impossible to figure out how this scene fits into the movie.

Those of you familiar with the comics, however, might have a few reasonable guesses, based on MJ's character arc. Jared suggests one (possible spoiler) option in his writeup over at the gallery, so when you go look at the pics, see what you think of his guess. After you do, though, come on back and explain to me exactly why MJ is in fantasyland. Please.
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