Because she obviously needs a break from all of that Hollywood money and taking off of clothing, among Sharon Stone's follow-ups to (the supposedly eagerly-awaited) Basic Instinct 2 will be an independent film called When a Man Falls in a Forest. The film, written and directed by Ryan Eslinger, is about a trio of lonely men whose lives "intersect as they struggle to overcome their deepening isolation as they search for connection." Well that sounds cheery. Jeez. According to Production Weekly, Stone will play "an unhappily married woman who shoplifts to break her boredom." How she interacts with the men in question, and if she encounters all three of them or not, is unclear.

It's refreshing to see that Stone is finally settling in to playing women who are people rather than simple sex objects - and, as her performance in Broken Flowers showed, she's certainly capable of taking on weightier material. It'll be interesting to see how this movie shapes up as more details become available.

When a Man Falls starts filming in Canada next month.
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