So there seem to be nearly as many people cast in the new X-Men movie as they are women rumored to play the next Bond girl. The good news, I guess, is that unlike in Bond, there's plenty of room in the Marvel family. Whereas every Bond rumor rumor seems to go along the lines of "here is the next girl who isn't, actually, going to be in the Bond movie," every X-Men rumor is more akin to "here is the newest addition to the X-Men cast." If I didn't know better, I'd think Brett was trying to cast the entire continent in his new mutant bonanza.

Today's update comes in the form of Tanya Newbould, who will play an assistant to Dr. Hank McCoy. Tonya also has the dubious distinction of having served under Ratner (no innuendo intended, I swear) several times before. She has worked on Rush Hour 2,Red Dragonand The Family Man...and precious little else since.

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