Depending on who you are, your reaction to this weekend's box-office numbers might be, "Geez, do you think Martin Lawrence will agree to Big Momma's House 3?" or "Never mind that, how did Bubble fare?" or "What box office? Where are the sexy photos of Jessica Alba?"

What you might not have noticed is that three films in the top ten for the weekend, including the #1 film, were shot at least partially in New Orleans: Big Momma's House 2, Last Holiday, and Glory Road. That's nearly $38 million in box-office receipts. How many cities apart from Los Angeles and New York could claim so many films in the U.S. top ten?

All of those films were shot in New Orleans before the hurricane, of course. If not for Katrina, the greater New Orleans area might be well on its way to earning the much-coveted title of Hollywood of the South that the city once gave itself (vying with a dozen other cities below the Mason-Dixon line). Even post-Katrina, New Orleans is starting to draw film productions again, most notably Deja Vu. But will New Orleans ever rise to the box office so strongly again? It'll be interesting to see ... and to see if anyone notices.