The good folks over at Latino Review recently caught up with Fantastic Four director Tim Story, and chatted with him about his plans for the upcoming sequel to his comic book hit. Tim still refuses to answer the question that is probably foremost in the minds of most fans- the Puppet Master in FF2 question; but he did acknowledge that Kerry Washington (aka Alicia Masters) will have a larger role in the sequel. This, of course, may indicate a strong chance for the Puppet Master showing up. However, in playing the side of caution, it should be noted that Alicia has regularly held a large role in the Fantastic Four books because of her relationship with Ben Grimm*- so it would make sense for her role in the next movie to increase regardless of the villain.

Story can, however, talk about Dr. Doom. I'm going to give you the exact quote here, because its a bit of a bugger to fully figure out. Story said "Yes that I can tell you. He will be back in full DOOM, not like we had him in the first film." Full Doom, eh? I just take that to mean he'll be 100% evil plotting maniac-genius, as opposed to pansy-businessman in a green hood genius. Thoughts?

*And sort of with the Torch, although that turned out to be a Skull spy named Lyja thanks to some irritating after-the-fact story rewriting. Don't you just LOVE Marvel and their revolving door of writers?

[via Latino Review]

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