A few days ago, I noted the appearance of the Firefly Season 2 website, and discussed in brief the confusion that surrounds it. At the time, I had very few answers for you all, but an alert reader/fan tossed a few links our way, and Joss has spoken up to clear a bit of the fog. The man at the heart of it all is Mr. Ace Underhill, who remarkably swears that this is, in fact, his real name. I for one believe him, because seriously, if you were going to make up a fake name, it wouldn't be that dopey.

Anyway...Ace belongs to a production company called Brilliant Screen Media. For now, it seems as though his intentions are on the up-and-up (although internet nerds like you and I continue to debate his legitimacy on forums across the web), but his margin for success is probably very small. A spokesman for Joss Whedon has indicated that Joss hasn't heard of Mr. Underhill, and doesn't currently have a comment on the issue. Which technically, fits into what Ace has been telling us all along.

Is the man legit, or is he a plant from some big-media company as one popular conspiracy theory suggests? Even if he is a straight-shooter, does he have a snowball's chance in hell of actually accomplishing his goal? As of right now, your guess is as good as mine. If you want some really intense debate on the subject, be sure to dig the Serenity Board, where distrust and hope run high.