It seems that acting isn't the only skill that David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis) possesses. Like many others in his profession, Dave is attempting to make the jump from actor to writer/director, and try out the view from the other side of the lens. To that end, David has written and directed his first feature film, titled A Dog's Breakfast, which will star several of his Stargate companions, as well as his sister, actress Kate Hewlett, who will be involved on some level. Much of the crew involved in shooting and production were also lifted from Hewlett's Stargate contacts.

The story is that of a pair of siblings named Patrick and Marilyn, who "are driven over the edge when Marilyn brings home her new TV-star fiance from the space soap opera Starcrossed." Patrick will apparently go to drastic lengths to split the couple. David Hewlett has confessed that at least part of the story is autobiographical:  "Let's just say that it's based on a true story," was his response in an email interview.

Once the film is finished and polished, distribution shopping will begin in the proud tradition of independent movie makers. David hopes to have it finished by the end of February, at which point he will begin sending it out to festivals and the like.

[via sci-fi wire]

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