Despite being horribly bland and boring as Riley Finn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marc Blucas has landed the starring role - his first, as far as I can tell - in what sounds like a pretty cool movie. The film is a thriller called The Killing Floor, and Blucas will play a character who, upon moving into a new Manhattan apartment, "begins receiving violent crime scene photographs that appear to have taken place in the apartment, followed by stalker videotapes of his every movement." Eventually, all this excitement - augmented by the assistance of a cop, an affair with a hot neighbor, and the presence of a trusty assistant - causes the man to go at least a little bit crazy. Awesome. It sounds sort of like a mix between Caché and Bad Influence (which, I realize, no one else has ever seen), with a touch of Gaslight thrown in. (Also, it's totally the assistant who turns out to be behind everything. She's reassuring him? Please.)

The movie, which also stars Shiri Appleby in an undetermined role, is being produced by Doug Liman and Avi Arad, both of whom have a history of making very savvy choices.
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