Paramount has snatched up a pitch by Marc Klein as a starring vehicle for Tom Cruise, and it's said to be a contemporary love story. Since, as of now, they're not releasing a logline, all we have to go with is Cruise/Wagner exec Don Granger's belief that "Marc Klein has come up with an original and very moving love story."

That's great, but just let us know if it has anything to do with manipulation, brainwashing and/or lunacy on the part of Cruise's character. Because, seriously, that's all we really care about at this point. Although it would be an easy way to score millions of dollars, there's no word on whether or not Katie Holmes will star opposite her boo - but we can still cross our fingers, right?

Klein also penned the film Serendipity as well as the upcoming Ridley Scott pic, A Good Year. He's also attached to direct his own adaptation of The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing, with Sarah Michelle Gellar set to star. Meanwhile, Cruise bursts back onto the blockbuster scene this May with Mission Impossible 3.

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