Recently, comedian Dane Cook has started to find some time - in between stand-up appearances, recording comedy albums, and hanging out with Jimmy Kimmel - to fit Hollywood into his packed schedule. Last year, he appeared in the critically-despised money-maker Waiting..., and now he's in final negotiations with Disney to star alongside the only slightly on fire Steve Carell in the romantic-comedy,  Dan in Real Life. Sadly, the romance in question is NOT between Carell and Cook. Instead, they play two sides of a love triangle, the third part of which is yet to be cast. The film is centered around Carell's character, a widower who meets and begins to fall in love with a woman who turns out to be his brother's (that's Cook) girlfriend. Oops.

Not content with simply appearing on screen, however, Cook also just sold a pitch to the Weinstein Brothers; he will write the resulting screenplay with a partner. Though the actual story for some reason is being kept secret, somebody let slip that the movie will be "a relationship comedy with heart and broad elements." So, yeah - we still know nothing. Bizarrely, Cook was actually pitching another story entirely and happened to mention a random idea he had; the latter was bought on the spot. (And, yes, the moment that news became public, every screenwriter in Hollywood officially decided to hate Dane Cook.)
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