Jodie Foster seems to be enjoying her new Woman Who Kicks Ass persona; she's following up Flightplan and Inside Man (in which she reportedly takes no crap from anybody) with the starring role in The Brave One. In the film, Foster plays a woman who "survives a brutal attack" and "sets out on a dark, psychological and physical journey for revenge and justice." The presence of co-star Terrence Howard as a cop with "a tough choice to make" (presumably whether to help Foster or stop her) and producer Joel Silver (V for Vendetta, The Matrix, Wonder Woman) only emphasize the fact that this is sure to be a very high profile release for Warner Brothers. Interestingly, Neil Jordan - a decidedly non-mainstream director - is currently being courted to helm the project.

Despite the somewhat unsettling news of multiple re-writes be several teams of writers, The Brave One nevertheless is packed with potential - Foster can be counted on for a solid performance no matter what, and Howard is showing himself to be equally reliable. In Jordan's hands, the movie just might rise above typical Hollywood fare and turn into something a little bit special. We can hope, anyway.
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