If you're like me, you probably feel all Golden Globe'd out, if not award show'ed out, after the past month ... and we haven't even had the Oscars yet. But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which organizes the Globes, has recuperated already and is thinking ahead. The group has announced that it will add a Best Animated Feature Film award starting with next year's awards. In the past, animated films like The Incredibles and Finding Nemo have been shoved into big categories with live-action comedies and dramas and have never won, and HFPA feels these films deserve their own, separate recognition. It will add yet more time to the glitzy awards show, and probably won't contribute any extra celebrity glamour. But who knows, the clips from animated films may be the funniest part of the evening.

I'm glad to see animated features get another opportunity to get the same type of recognition as their live-action counterparts, so that people take them more seriously. Well, as serious as you can be about dysfunctional action-hero families and dogs who invent rabbit-catching devices and singing corpses, anyway.
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