Lionsgate is really stocking up on action thrillers - joining Crank (which stars a rampaging Jason Statham) and Rogue (in which Statham stars with Jet Li) in its pile of movies is the recently-acquired Devil to Pay. The movie is the first English-language venture from Danish director Trygve Allister Diesen and, while it lacks Jason Statham (at least so far) it does star Lucy Liu as a single mom whose children are kidnapped. In order to keep them safe, she's forced to rob a bank in which, conveniently, she happens to work. Since, if there's no scene of Liu beating the crap out of all of the kidnappers, American audiences will immediately demand their money back, I think it's safe to assume that she eventually gets the upper hand, and that the kids are rescued. Hell, she might even meet a man - what do you think? A cop? A sympathetic fellow bank employee in whom she confides? Jason Statham?

Though the movie doesn't even start filming until this spring, Lionsgate will nevertheless take it along to the upcoming European film market, where it will try to drum up some foreign distribution.