Aslan is on the Ireland? The cast and crew which recently produced box office magic with The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe is already getting on track for shooting a sequel. Much like its fellow youthful-magic title Harry Potter, time is of the essence for the Narnia crew- as the age of the children must be kept in mind. However, Narnia does have an edge insofar as the primary children appear only in the first two books* (Lucy and Ed get three), and therefore the real life age of the actors will not be as harsh a problem.**

The Narnia crew hopes to begin production this fall on Prince Caspian, and is currently scouting out locations, most recently examining the beautiful countryside of Ireland. An anonymous industry source told a local newspaper: "The location scouts have been here for two weeks. They have also been looking at sites in Britain." Naturally, Irish film industry personnel seriously hope their country gets the big thumbs up from the Lion.

*We can discuss the reappearance of Lucy, Edmund and Peter in The Last Battle as a logitical issue if and when the movie franchise survives that far. Given that the children have aged a bit during that time even in the books, I'm sure it'll work out.

**If you want to get technical, Peter and family do also exist in The Horse and His Boy, but you know that doesn't count.

[via sci-fi wire]

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