On Day 2 of Sundance 2006, our own Jason Calacanis wrote a review of Everybody Stares, a documentary by Police drummer Stewart Copeland about the band that was his life. The film was cobbled together from Copeland's home movie footage, and Jason was less than impressed. He wrote: "Documentaries rise and fall with their credibility, and this film feels as credible as a father cutting a son's football highlights in slow motion to the Chariots of Fire soundtrack. Someone should take this footage, add some objective 3rd parties commenting on The Police, and redo the voiceover to tell the real story."

That line rubbed Copeland the wrong way, and he commented on the post to let Jason know exactly how he felt.

"Yes," Copeland wrote. "That is just what it felt like to make this movie and you shouldn't be expecting anything more.  I just don't have the shots you are looking for (sex and drugs) and maybe I forgot to pick up my camera during the shouting matches...Who would care about an "objective 3rd party commentary" on The Police?  The band itself has been defunct for twenty years." Well, by that rationale, should anyone care about a non-objective Police documentary?

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