Although it's without any music, there's a trailer for Scary Movie 4floating around (via CBS 4 in South Florida. Can I get a big WTF on that one?) as we speak. It's funny, I've never watched a trailer without music or sound effects before...and I'm glad I haven't had the chance. Though the film definitely seems to have its funny moments, those of you who can wait may want to stick it out another day or so until the official trailer hits.

Based on what's shown, it looks like our Airplane friends are using the film The War of the Worlds as a main storyline, only it seems the aliens here take over the world using an iPod (I had to snicker at that one). Leslie Nielsen will play a moronic President of the United States (Little late on this joke?) who would rather wait to see how a children's book turns out than save the planet; an obvious poke at George Bush's initial reaction to 9/11.

Some of the other films on the chopping block include The Village, The Grudge and SAW (featuring a scene between Shaquille O'Neil and Dr. Phil). Oh, and there's also a spoof of the Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch like a buffoon thrown in as an extra bonus. Part of me is happy to see some new blood (David Zucker and Jim Abrahams) injected into the franchise, however, their jokes don't seem to have that special zing we've seen previously. Scary Movie 4 hits theaters on April 14th.

UPDATE: Yahoo has added the realScary Movie 4 trailer, complete with actual music and everything. Check it out here.

[via JoBlo]