Director Julien Temple has been around the music business forever, directing videos for such wildly diverse artist as Dexy's Midnight Runners, David Bowie, Blur, and Van Halen (The man directed Jump! For that act alone he should be lauded for the rest of his life.). In addition, he's made a pile of music features, including the very odd Bowie flick Absolute Beginners, and Sex Pistols documentaries The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle and The Filth and the Fury.

Temple's next project, however, will be a more personal one: he's started work on a documentary about his longtime friend, Joe Strummer of the Clash, who died in 2002. Since the film is being made with the full support of Strummer's family and former bandmates, Temple finds himself in the possession of a massive amount of archival material, as well as copious new interviews. The film is in the very early stages of production, with Temple busy sorting through the material he has, as well as searching for additional audio and video of Strummer from music journalists on this side of the Atlantic. Because of the amount of material involved, it's hard to say when Temple will finish his film, but the obvious care and passion he's bringing to the project make it one that is sure to thrill Strummer fans.
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