Good morning, everyone - I just fell in love with a movie. Would you like me to tell you about it? Alrighty then. It's called Stick It, and was written and directed by Jessica Bendinger, the same genius who penned the one and only Bring It On. Basically, it's the same catfights, attitudes, and in-fighting that made Bring in On so awesome, except with gymnastics instead of cheerleading. There's still a big competition, still a badass chick who also happens to be a superstar (except in this case she's the main character - played by TV actress Missy Peregrym - not the second banana), and still a whole lot of bitches. In this one, however, they've added bike tricks and some arrests. Oh, and Jeff Bridges.

Good God, people - what's not to love? The movie doesn't come out until late April, but for now there's a trailer that we can watch over and over again. (When you click the link, look for the Stick It box on the right.)

[via JoBlo]