When we gaze at Clint Eastwood these days and find ourselves awestruck by his talent, dignity, and overall manliness, it's easy to forget that he once made a movie with a monkey. You may have blocked it out, but in 1978 he really did hang out with an orangutan (named Clyde) in a little picture called Every Which Way But Loose (and in its sequel, Any Which Way You Can). They were both actually sort of funny and, most importantly, made money. So, with dollar signs possibly obscuring the vision of its executives, an unnamed studio is in talks with The Rock to star in a remake of the movie.

Assuming he'll be play Philo (the Eastwood role) and not Clyde, this actually might not be a terrible idea. If nothing else, it would give The Rock a chance to show that he actually does have a sense of humor, and is in fact capable of doing more than just angrily running around kicking ass. Filling the role of Clyde, however, will be a challenge. The original simian actor died shortly after Any Which Way was completed - perhaps a nationwide search is in order?

[via AICN]
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