A while back I reported on a contest sponsored by Gen Art and MySpace that called for folks to assemble their own original Beastie Boys video using one of two songs (Shake Your Rump or Sabotage) and the winner would be flown to Sundance to meet the Boys and party it up at the festival. Well, now that the contest and festival are over, the winning video has arrived online... and it's brilliant.

Coinciding with the Boys' first ever concert film, Awesome I F*ckin Shot That (which, according to James, felt so real he was surprised his clothes didn't reek of spilled beer and weed upon leaving the theater), the contest gave folks only two weeks to shoot and edit their video. The team that won (The Brothers Rye) took an interesting approach to the song Shake Your Rump where they told the story of a guy who wakes up one day, only to realize that two people are rapping the song off his, well, ass. Subsequently, this poor man must figure out a way to live with the nuisance.

You can watch the video here (scroll down and to the right of the screen) and read more about the winners over here. For those of you dying to see this f*ckin film already, ThinkFilm will release Awesome I F*ckin Shot That in March.