Are Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp preparing to star in a new remake of Wuthering Heights? Only if you believe the British press (whom we always assume are innocent of spreading false rumor, until the relevant flacks  name them guilty). A paper in Yorkshire, England recently reported that the area has been overrun with location scouts associated with the picture, which would would "start filming next year and could be in Yorkshire for six months, along with a huge crew and cast." To say that the potential pouty pairing has the fans all worked up would be an understatement; gossip blog I Don't Like You in That Way alerts us to the erotic possibilities of casting Angie and Johnny as two of corset literature's greatest lovers: "I haven't stopped swooning and soaking up the fluids leaking from my body long enough to really absorb this delicious piece of news. The whole movie could be an Earth shattering blockbuster filled with genius and magic, and I won't notice because I'll be rocking in my chair, biting my nails and tapping my feet while impatiently waiting for the Depp/Jolie love scenes."

[via The Post Chronicle]
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