As if Interview with the Vampire and Fight Club weren't gay enough, the British tabloid press are reporting that the inspiration of Brokeback Mountain has Brad Pitt on the lookout for "the ultimate gay love story." (Seriously, has he not seenFight Club?) Though apparently seeing Pitt in a gay role would be "shocking" to the sensitive public, our Brad doesn't care. "He's seen the critical acclaim that Brokeback...has won and he wants a piece of it." He also might be seeing the whole gay thing in an entirely new light after spending a lot of alone time thinking about the beautiful love once shared by Angelina and Jenny Shimizu.

The best thing about this rumor, though, is watching how the flacks will try to deny it in a sensitive, politically correct way. It's not as if they can say "Ew! No, Brad's not looking for a gay role! That's outrageous."

[via Towleroad]
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