According to a story in Production Weekly, the Coenbrothers have finally selected the story they'll direct next, and it's going to a screen version of Cormac McCarthy's novel, No Country for Old Men, takenfrom their own script. Though all that we can really say about the movie at this point comes from a summary of the book, it sounds freaking incredible (if you dig the whole noirish, hard-boiled thing). McCarthy's story is about a gent named Llewelyn Moss who, while out hunting for antelope, instead comes upon a pile of dead men who happen to be in the company of over $2 million and a whole mess of heroin. Not surprisingly - and because there would be no book or movie if he didn't - Moss decides to take the money and the smack. And, because when $2 million and a lot of drugs go missing, someone always wants it back, Moss finds himself immediately in danger and goes on the run with his young wife. As things escalate, "on either side are men accustomed to spectacular violence and mayhem." Um, wow.

As a special bonus, the movie - set in the American southwest - won't start shooting until spring, so we've all got ample time to read the book before we see the Coen take on things.
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