Doug Herzog is rolling the dice early in his term as President of Spike TV. In an effort gain a larger audience, Doug has contracted the screenwriter David Goyer'sBlade story. The two hour Blade-for-TV movie (I apologize for that terrible pun, but sometimes you just can't avoid them) was requested as a possible pilot for a full TV series. Some thought that the existence of the series would depend on the success of the movie, but the movie won't hit the small screen until June, and confirmation on the series became official as of today. Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones will star as the title character in another 11 hours of Blade TV programming, in a sequence of one hour episodes. The network hopes to turn the series into a premiere drama title.

David Goyer will continue on as the show's executive producer, along with a handful of others, including Marvel's Avi Arad, who seems to be everywhere these days. It is presumed that the director and co-starring actors for the pilot movie will also remain in place.

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