I've never been much of a Guy Ritchie fan. When people lament the poisonous affect wife Madonna has supposedly had on his career, I tell them to go back and watch Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and dare them not to cringe. After all – if there's anything worse than a Tarantino impression, it's a Tarantino impression done in a British accent. Still, the blokes got his share of fans, and surely at least one or two of them will be happy to hear the following rumor: the tabloids are buzzing that Guy, despondant over the alleged affect that Maddie has had on his film career, wants to break up. According to Perez Hilton, the split is likely to be announced by summer, but those dying for a glimpse into exactly what Ritchie's blaming the missus for would be advised to seek out Ritchie's latest, Revolver. The allegedly awful, Kabbalah-infused (and thus, evidently Madonna-influenced) caper flick, which bombed with European critics but scraped together so-so UK returns, opens in the US later this month.
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