To say that fans like to speculate about what exactly is going to happen in Spider-Man 3 is an understatement of epic proportions - there are actually people in locked rooms right now who have vowed not to come out until they've reproduced the screenplay in its entirety, based only on internet leaks and speculation. Recently, though, a bit of new information emerged that might just send them back to page one.

Despite the fact that IESB failed in their efforts to trick James Franco into admitting that his character (Harry Osborn) becomes the Hobgoblin in the movie, rumors have nevertheless been rampant that he is, in fact, the third villain in the story. However, according to an IESB source so reliable that "no grain of salt is needed" with his words, Harry will in fact save Spider-Man, not try to destroy him. Said the tipster, "When everything seems to be at its worst for our hero, he finds himself an unlikely ally, Harry Osborn." Hmm. Well, that doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't go hobgoblin, does it?

[via Dark Horizons]
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