Hey, I bet you can't guess the source material for today's new movie annoucement! Oh, okay, you can. But seriously, you must be some kind of psychic to have figured out that a movie production company would want to liscense -of all things- a graphic novel title! That's right my friends, YET ANOTHER graphic novel is destined for the silver screen. At the rate they're going these days, you'd think they'd run of of the suckers before too very long. But you and I both know that's not true; if there is one thing the geek subculture has a million of, its comic book/graphic novel titles.

Anyway, today's update comes to you via Platinum Studios and Atmosphere Entertainment, who team up to bring us Killing Demons, a title by Peter Siegel and illustrated by Brent White. The story is mostly an evil spirits infused Punisher variant, at the surface. It's about a man who had his family killed by demons (as a child) and devotes his entire life to hunting down and killing them (the demons that is, not his family- his family is already quite dead).

Please, nerds, don't hit me with a long list of reasons why Killing Demons is not at all, not even a little bit, anything remotely like the Punisher. I'm just drawing a small comparison to some simliarities in the plot structure, I don't mean to insult you by over-generalizing. I know how touchy some of us get when people who haven't read/seen our favorite works start making glib comments about them.

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