A few days ago, we reported that actress Teresa Russell had been cast in an as-yet-unnamed wife role in Spiderman Three, playing the better half of Flint Marko aka The Sandman (aka William Baker, for you True Believers). Well, Rich Johnston over at CBR says the character will indeed have a name...a very high profile name. While Rich doesn't divulge his source(s), he boldly states that the wife of Flint Marko is none other than Felicia Hardy. That's right, the Black Cat*. One time partner and love interest of Spider-Man himself, and on the short (but ever growing) list of people who know Spider-Man's true identity.

Okay so let's see...we are bringing Gwen Stacy, MJ, and Felicia Hardy all into the same two-hour movie. Can there possibly be time enough to reasonably give all three of the characters the attention they will deserve? And beyond that...Sandman and the Black Cat? I don't even have a snide comment to make about that one, because frankly, my brain refuses to allow this news to exist.

*Rich notes that maybe the character is the Cat's mother, or something, and just happens to have the same name, as right now the name is the only information he has on the character. This, however, would put  too great of an age disparity between Spider-Man and the Cat for it to make much sense, either.

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