Fans of Marvel's Iron Man Tony Stark have had a roller coaster of an emotional ride over the past couple years, as news regarding the possible silver screen appearance of the Avenger has been confirmed, denied, reported and rebuked. Scripts have reportedly been written and discarded, deals have been made and broken, and liscenses have been picked up and let drop again.

Well, True Believers, you can allow your hopes to climbing that hill yet again as news on the Iron Man front has finally started surfacing anew. The folks over at IESB recently caught up with producer Don Murphy , and he stated that he is still committed to making the projects, although he declined to comment on a director, saying only that they were looking for someone who has a "Sam Raimi style." Don said to expect news "very soon."

IESB did some digging on their own, and have produced the name Alex Proyas, saying that he "kept popping up" in their hunt. An email to Murphy produced no answer, however.

So, what do we think of Proyas as a possible Marvel director? I, like most geeks, loved his work on The Crow and Dark City, but was only moderately impressed with the overly Hollywood-ized I, Robot. Overall, I think he's got as good a shot as anyone (and probably better than most) at bringing Iron Man to life. Thoughts?

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