Hostel hasn't even opened in Slovakia yet and the country's residents are already disgusted with the film and its director, Eli Roth. Roth set his film in the small central European country, possibly in part because he wanted to populate the cast with hot European models. The Slovaks have been seeing lurid advertising for the film and reading reviews, and fear that their country is being portrayed as teeming with kidnappers, torturers, and murderous children. Since the small country is trying to build up its tourist industry, you can imagine that they're less than thrilled about a movie about an evil Slovakian youth hostel.

Perhaps the solution is for Slovakia to court not the tourist industry, but the film industry. After a variety of films are made there, no one will link the country with a single film. After all, no one links Texas with chainsaw-wielding serial killers (and if you do, it's time to stop). Meanwhile, Roth has apologized to Slovakia, and accepted an invitation to visit Slovakia while promoting Hostel to see what the country is really like and, in his words, to "be a man and face the music." He'll be lucky if music is all he has to face; Roth might get a great sequel from the Slovaks' face-to-face reaction to him.
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