Because the buzz on her work in the Pulse remake is so damn good, the Weinstein Company is in final negotiations with Kristen Bell to join the cast of Fanboys, in which she'll play a Star Wars maniac. Also in talks to become fanboys are a fleet of other TV "stars," including the incredibly annoying (but undeniably dorky) Jay Baruchel, Chris Marquette (Joan of Arcadia's Adam Rove), and Sam Huntington, who will soon be known to the world as Jimmy Olsen. Already cast in the film is some guy named Dan Fogler, who grabbed the highly-coveted role of "a hot-headed pizza boy."

Despite a largely unproven cast and an inexperienced director (Kyle Newman), the movie's plot is rather charming, albeit in a really geeky way: set in 1999, it's about a group of Star Wars worshipers who decided to honor their dying friend's last wish and take him to George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch, where they hope to see the not-yet-released The Phantom Menace in what they consider "its most optimal setting." Sort of cute, right?

The movie starts filming next month in New Mexico.
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