Gamer geeks have almost nothing but praise - and rightfully so - for Advent Children, the recent movie sequel to popular title Final Fantasy 7. While the film is definately attainable via internet download, fans have been clamouring for a DVD release, hoping for a DVD jam-packed with delicious special features. A DVD release for the film in Japan has sold hundreds of thousands of copies, and on the heels of that success comes the announcement of a pending US release. The official statement seems to suggest a special features-heavy release, as well, because according to the announcement, "It's taking a little extra time to work with the director to get all the supplemental elements finished, but the title is on track for release sometime later this year." That certainly sounds promising.

I don't know if it is possible to be a gamer and dislike this film.  Well okay, I'm sure it is, because there are millions of gamers with diverse opinions...but the vast majority of us are thrilled about this film, and can't wait to purchase a copy of our own.

[via sci-fi wire]


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