With Dreamworks finally falling under Paramount's $1.6 billion spell yesterday, so comes the news that the layoffs have begun. According to the Hollywood Reporter, a total of 240 employees will be axed, split evenly amongst the two studios. The first 25 went yesterday – an assorted panoply of Paramount plebs, midlevel workers from the "finance, marketing, international, human resources and information systems departments." A minimum of 95 additional Paramount employees, mostly domestic distribution drones, are expected to be laid off within the next week, and in the coming weeks, 120 Dreamworks employees will get their own pink paper kiss-offs. This all started months ago, with the high-profile sacking of longtime Paramount distribution chief Wayne Lewellen; the question was not whether or not Brad Grey would gouge his workforce, but of how much he was going to let the studio with two heads bleed. So far, it's not as bad as it could have been – 120 employees is only about 6% of Paramount's work force – but there's nothing stopping Grey from plunging the knife deeper as the integration continues.
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