After going back and forth with the idea, the Chinese government has officially decided not to release Memoirs of a Geisha into its theaters. The film was supposed to debut on February 9th (already pushed back from January 9th), but a U.S film industry official (I wonder if they get to wear badges?) claims that the State Administration of Film, TV and Radio reversed its decision over the weekend.

Obviously fearing for his life (or job...but life sounds cooler), the supposed official spoke on condition of anonymity. Contrary to reports that a certain sex scene was exciting too many people on the country's censorship board, it seems the main reason the film was pulled is because officials were worried that the sight of Chinese actresses playing Japanese geishas would just be too damn nuts for anyone to handle. And yet, (May I suggest inserting Rob Schneider's name here) continues to show up on American screens every year with little to no backlash. Damn it, stand up for yourselves people!

For those of you looking for a juicy "Screw them Chinese!" quote, I'm sorry to say that all you will get are the following unbelievably underwhelming remarks from Sony Pictures Entertainment spokesman, Jim Kennedy: "We were pleased by their acceptance of the film in November and were disappointed by this decision." Jeez Jim, you think you can maybe say that again, only this time we want to make sure you still have a pulse?


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