Best foreign film Oscar nominee Joyeux Noël will finally be released in the US by Sony Pictures Classics (on a limited scale, of course, seeing as how it's foreign and lacking in martial arts, and therefore no one will see it) in early March. The film tells the extraordinary true story of a World War I Christmas Eve truce, during which German, French, and British soldiers climbed out of their trenches to celebrate the holiday together. Described in Variety as "proudly old-fashioned," with "multiple resonances for the current world," the movie has received uniformly strong reviews and certainly deserves to be seen - and, obviously, an Oscar win (the ceremony takes place two days after the film's US release) would help.

In the meantime, a new American trailer (which, because I'm a huge sap, very nearly made me cry) has been released, so we can watch that as we await its release.