Based on a new article in Time Magazine, it looks as if the people at Pixar are finally talking about their follow-up to this summer's Cars - and the movies they're discussing are so packed with potential (and vague enough to avoid disappointing) that they're going to send fans of the company into a frenzy of anticipation. The films being discussed are Ratatouille (which has been in the IMDB for at least 3 years), about "a rat who lives in a fancy French restaurant"; something noirish from The Incredibles writer/director Brad Bird, possibly based on The Spirit, a 1940s comic; or a return to 2D animation by John Lasseter, maybe in the form of the long-discussed world music Fantasia spin-off.

WHEW. Personally, I'm freaking out at the thought of The Spirit on screen, especially in Bird's hands, but all of those ideas are exciting. It's enough to leave you just thanking to the sweet Lord that Pixar exists.
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