Since the initial and unexpected news of the total flop that was BloodRayne, we've been rather short on Uwe Boll news. While this break may be considered a blessing, the man has finally shown up in the news again in response to his Worst Director Razzie nomination (forAlone in the Dark). Normally, the Golden Raspberry is a mark of scorn, although in the past a handful of actors have used the award as a platform to apologize or attempt to explain the failure of their films (such as the notorious Halle BerryCatwoman speech). Uwe, however, does not seem to be running in this direction; rather, he sounds genuinely pleased to receive the nomination in a category in which some consider him to be the frontrunner. "It is a great honour," Boll told the folks over at EuroGamer. "I take every prize I get."

I love this man, because he makes my job so easy. And honestly, even though I (along with the rest of the world) think his films are awful, the man is doing what he loves. Maybe we'll get lucky, and he'll show up in person to receive his award - you know that'd be fun to watch.

[via eurogamer]

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