Details on the joint Robert Rodriguez-Quentin Tarantino horror/thriller flick from the Weinstein Co. are starting to emerge. For starters, the name of the flick had been rumored to be chopped down from the previously annouced Grind House to the simpler Grind - but Rob R. contacted Harry over at AICN to deny that rumor.  Rob and Quentin have each confirmed the rumored subjects of their respective halves of the double-feature; Rob will be shooting a zombie flick in Austin, which is currently named Project Terror (contrary to earlier reports that it would be called Planet Terror), while Quentin will direct a faux-slasher flick called Death Proof.

We know this film is intended to be shot in the explotation style of the 70s, which both Rodriguez and Tarantino say had a tremendous influence on their respective styles. In addition to the two feature films will be a sequence of commercials/trailers acting as a sort of intermission. These trailers will also be in the above mentioned style, with subjects such as "blaxploitation" and "kung-fu" being listed as possibilities.

Fun? Yes, for those of us who enjoy the work of these two men. If you've paid any attention to the movie industry in the past several years you know just what to expect out of these guys. Rob can be a bit wide-ranging with his films, but it is easy to tell which way he's headed with this one. I can't imagine it is going to be a the next big thing, but it will almost certainly perform well in the target audience it is intended for - which is perfectly fine by me.

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