Mary McNamara opens up her article on The Envelope with, "And the Oscar nominees for best picture are ... five movies most people haven't seen." While the nominees didn't exactly surprise, everyone is now wondering whether or not these "small" films will spell disaster for ABC and one of the most watched shows of the year.

Not sure about that one, but I will say this: Something tells me the Red States won't be watching. We have political films, we have gay cowboys and we have Jon "Three Bush jokes per minute" Stewart - oh, a shot of Michael Moore riding off into the sunset as the credits role would just totally seal the deal for me. I mean, we're at war, should we expect anything less? However, although it may not be splendid for ratings, most feel the trend towards recognizing "the little ones" is definitely a step in the right direction.

Co-President of Sony Picture Classics, Mike Barker, seems to think so...even if they're responsible for the film Capote, which took home five nominations (including Best Picture). "The [nominated] films remind me of the studio movies of the '70s — 'The Last Picture Show, Five Easy Pieces, Shampoo — all of which won lots of Oscars and ended up grossing very well."

Personally, I like that there isn't a Lord of the Rings or a Titanic this year. Sure, Brokeback Mountain is the favorite, but the field still feels wide open. In an effort to bring more eyes to these films before the awards, all of them (except for Crash, which is out on DVD) will be expanding, marking their widest release to date. Will people go see them if Leonardo DiCaprio isn't featured? Hard to tell. I know ABC are crossing their fingers.