Anthony Hopkins has just wrapped up his work on Beowulf, the computer-animated silver screen adaptation of the great epic poem. Hopkins (who plays Hrothgar, king of the Danes) says that he liked working with Robert Zemeckis very much, and found the process of creating such a film to be "interesting." He called the work "strange but fun," and "odd but enjoyable." Often stars will discuss the merits of film making in this style, and Hopkins agrees that it has its strengths- but he is quick to point out his criticisms as well. "People say you have a lot of freedom. Well, you don't, actually."

Hopkins then goes on to describe in not-so-technical detail, the process of acting in this film. He talks about wearing a wetsuit sort of thing with dots all over it, and standing still for a "T-pose" so that the computer guys can "take you into the computer." He also discusses the dots that they put all over his face which leave sticky marks when taken off at night, among other sorts of issues. His impression?  "Big deal. But, no, it's interesting. I don't know why they bother to do it that way. Why not just do a blue screen and photograph the actors?" You can catch Hopkins, sticky-mark free, in Beowulf when it opens in November of 2007.

[via sci-fi wire]

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